Metaphysic Live

Real-time hyperreal faceswaps driven by a live actor performance.

Metaphysic Live

Metaphysic Live empowers creators to synthesize photorealistic faces and integrate them into the input camera feed with minimal latency, making it perfect for live on-stage performances where talent needs to be de-aged or faceswapped. 


What does Metaphysic Live do?

Production Quality

Increase your production quality by seeing real-time seamlessly integrated hyperreal synthetic versions of actors. Get real-time feedback on the actor's performance with the target face.

Cut Production Cost

Save money and time on complex CGI work that won’t be anywhere near the realism of the AI-generated real time faceswap.


Why do I need Metaphysic Live?

From idea to production. Fast.

What's the example project timeline?

Gather project requirements

1 week

AI Live models training & reviews

3-6 weeks

AI live model demo and tuning

1 week

Metaphysic live setup on location

1 week

The production shoot


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