Metaphysic Research

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Metaphysic Research

A pragmatic balance of Fundamental & Applied Research and Industry impact

Our research, initiated in collaboration with top-notch research partners, advances the state-of-art across multiple research areas. 

Many of Metaphysic Research-centric outcomes become significant elements of our products in general and of any AI-backed VFX tool we develop, which are used worldwild.  

Human before everything else

Metaphysic researchers meet the most significant challenge of AI by ethically creating software and components while implementing the most relevant scientific innovation in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Abuse Prevention, Information Management, Ethics, and many more in the Metaphysic Tech stack.

Research Areas

Metaphysic Research is made up of a Team of Fundemental and Applied Research Scientists, Engineers, Artists, and Ethicists combining cutting-edge academic curiosity and experience with ethical industry impact.

We dream of experimental ideas that we turn into innovative tech for Metaphysic’s products, placing our corporate history as a pioneer in hyperreal and consensual generative AI.
Metaphysic Research works with friends and colleagues from Research institutions worldwide, presenting our work and future publications at international conferences.

Computer Vision

Machine Learning / Deep Learning

Security and Abuse Prevention

Information and Knowledge Management

Ethics & Public Policy

Metaphysic Scientific Advisory Board

Metaphysic Scientific Advisory Board comprises distinguished academic researchers, including renowned Scientists and Professors from Computer Science, Computing Vision, Law, and Ethics, with extensive experience to help make critical decisions that drive our research effort forward.

Hany Farid

University of California - Berkeley

Professor in Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences and the School of Information

Jeanne Fromer

NYC | Law

Vice Dean, Intellectual Life Walter J. Derenberg & Professor of Intellectual Property Law

Renaud Lambiotte

University of Oxford & The Alan Turing Institute

Professor of Networks and Nonlinear Systems and Turing Fellow

Scientific Vulgarization

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The media represents a world that is more real than reality that we can experience. People lose the ability to distinguish between reality and fantasy. They also begin to engage with the fantasy without realizing what it really is.


this is a fake quote often attributed to Baudrillard, but does it really matter?